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Welcome to the Whole Musician Experience

Whole Musician offers a non-traditional and interdisciplinary experience.  We cater to musicians who wish to explore and advance their abilities as performing artists in the modern world.

We combine masterclasses, private coaching, workshops, and recitals - all of which incorporate impactful interdisciplinary topics - resulting in an integrated musical experience. These events go beyond technical instruction through a holistic approach that fosters the highest possible level of performance.  

Our team creates empowering and nurturing environments for all musicians. Participants are surrounded by a supportive, like-minded musical community that fosters musical passion and proficiency.  

Retreat Participants also receive:
  • Videos of masterclass and recital performances
  • Personalized coaching plans
  • Personalized fitness plans
  • Tools to manage stress
  • Continued support via our private Facebook group

Interested in residencies, school visits, private lessons and/or coaching, workshops? 

Contact the team.

Selected Events

Texas Wesleyan University
  March 2017
Southwestern Adventist University
 March 2017
University of Wyoming
July 2016
 8-day course; all musicians
University of Toronto - Canada
June 2015
5-day course; all musicians
University of North Texas
April 2015 
University of Texas at Artlington 
 April 2015
 Northeastern State University - Oklahoma
 March 2015
 Oklahoma State University
 March 2015
Notting Hill - London, UK
 August 2014
 3-day course; flutists
Big Bear Lake, California 
 June 2014
 5-day course; flutists

Questions for the Whole Musician team? Contact us here.