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Whole Musician Testimonials

Last weekend I had my first real audition for an opera clinic this summer. The WM workshop last year helped to make the experience so enjoyable. I went in grateful to perform and I'm really happy with how I performed. If I hadn't gone to Toronto last year, I don't think I'd feel this peaceful about auditioning. Thank you all!
Jayme Vaughn-Linebarger, 2015 Retreat Participant

Maja, a former Participant from Slovenia, shares her thoughts about the Whole Musician experience.

I really needed what Whole Musician was offering, and was bowled over by the generosity of the 5 of you, as well as the willingness of the participants to open themselves up. I am glad I came for two days and wish I could have stayed longer, I know I would have gotten so much more out of it. Thanks for offering a safe place to cry, to be vulnerable, to think about both happy and sad places, to move out of my comfort zone, and to jam with an amazing pianist! I won't forget my experience. You guys were all great!

2014 Retreat Participant


Roger, a former Participant from Oklahoma, shares why the Whole Musician experience has been important to him.

I didn't know what to expect when I joined my wonderful colleagues and participants as pianist for the Whole Musician. The experience that I had was something that I could not have anticipated. I have never before been part of program that is truly a genuine paradigm shift in becoming more 'whole' musicians, 'whole' people and a 'whole' community. I was transformed in ways that I had never been before and every note I played with another and every breath I shared from my fingers at the keyboard with the great teachers, the beautiful and talented participants filled my heart and showed me that, YES, there is a way to go forward in modern times that maintains the development of what is essential in this great gift of music, art and humanity that we share. The Whole Musician offers real growth and real hope for all who are involved.

Brian Pezzone, pianist

The flute studio at the University of Texas at Arlington made this video after Whole Musician's residency day in April 2015.

I believe that this experience has been invaluable to me.  Not only as a flutist, but as a person. I felt so incredibly safe. I believe I grew so much and I would not trade this experience for anything. I have already recommended this retreat to a friend and I plan, wholeheartedly, on attending next year. Thank you so much for everything. I love you all so dearly.

2014 Retreat Participant
A fantastic retreat that helped me grow so much! I love everyone here and I will forever cherish these last few days.

2014 Retreat Participant

I love everyone and am so thankful to have had this opportunity. I instantly felt comfortable and at home - like family.

2014 Retreat Participant