modern education for modern musicians

mind, movement, music


These performing workshops represent the third step in the convergence of mind, movement, and music, providing the confidence and artistic ability necessary to becoming Whole Musicians of the 21st century. Below, you will find descriptions and videos made by our team members to introduce you to each concept.

Career Development

Full Panel Discussion

Of particular importance to performing artists in the 21st century is an understanding of how they "fit in," and how we can all create careers for ourselves that reflect our true personalities and passions. This workshop explores the many facets of building a career in our time and how to tap into the creativity we all have within ourselves already.

Colors of Early Music

Presented by Meg Griffith

An introduction to traverso geared towards informing modern performances, this workshop explores color variances, expression through articulation, and many other possibilities presented by the traverso which can add new levels of interpretation to both modern and Baroque performance.

Interpretation: Meet Your Imagination!

Presented by Christopher Lee

A performer's interpretation is limited mainly by his or her own imagination. This masterclass explores ways to unlock the imagination inherent in each of us to come up with meaningful interpretations of the music we play.


Presented by all team members

Masterclasses are the perfect time to implement new techniques and mindsets introduced in our other workshops.  These are no ordinary masterclasses! Our team members draw on various experiences, influences, and resources including: physiology, philosophy, awareness, movement, visualization, and voice work, as well as a combined total of almost 9 decades of professional performing and teaching experience.

Recording: Conception to Release

Presented by Christopher Lee

The time usually comes when we must think about presenting ourselves on recording. Here we examine the ins and outs of the whole process from conception to release.

Theory Helps Your Playing!

Presented by Rik Noyce

Theory frighten you? Do you shudder in fear when you hear terms like "functional harmony" or "secondary dominant?" This is the workshop for you! Join Dr. Noyce as he demystifies the world of musical theory. Using selections from the standard repertory and well-known technical exercises, Rik Noyce shows participants that understanding your music from a theoretical perspective actually can help you perform it better and more fluidly.

Vocal Techniques for Tone Enhancement (flutists)

Presented by Megan Lanz

There are many types of tone development exercises, most of which have been around for quite some time. In this workshop, we explore the modern concept of singing while playing as a tool that may be used to eliminate throat tension and lower the larynx. Lack of tension allows us to create a more organic sound that is produced without physical obstacles. Participants are introduced to a handful exercises to help "reset" our pharyngeal spaces when tension is present, and learn why each of us sounds so unique when we play or sing.