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In addition to a healthy and focused mindset, knowing your body and being in control of it are essential to meet the physical demands of the performing artist. Below, you will find descriptions and videos the Whole Musician team members have designed. These unique workshops are aimed at strengthening and balancing the total body.


Body Balance and Proportion

Presented by Meg Griffith

Discover the partnerships that unite the different parts of the body into one musical focus. Through anatomical demonstration and self-discovery, we can celebrate our differences and explore the proportional variances that create our individual playing styles.

Stage Deportment

Presented by Rik Noyce and Megan Lanz

Stage Deportment is a certain type of training instrumentalists are not typically given, because our frequent ensemble participation allows us to be hidden within larger groups. Using humor and creativity in this workshop, our team explores the process of consciously defining your stage deportment desires. With a solid stage deportment plan, the audience witnesses a comfortable, well-prepared, and confident player who is filling the stage with his or her love of the art.

Themed Yoga Practices

Presented by Meg Griffith

Tailored to the mental and physical needs of musicians, each themed class shines a light on and calms a musician’s mental chatter. All levels are welcome: modifications and variances in the postures connect to individual needs while maintaining the communal purpose.

Whole Body Fitness

Presented by Christopher Lee

Becoming more fit is of enormous benefit to playing the flute. In this participatory workshop we learn of ways we can become more fit from simple yet progressive exercise routines which each participant can do at their own pace.