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One of the main keys to success is managing our thoughts and fears. The Whole Musician faculty provide the tools we all need to maintain a balanced and focused performing mindset. Below, you will find descriptions and videos to introduce you to these workshop topics available at our retreats.

Creating a Mindful Rehearsal Atmosphere

Presented by Megan Lanz and Rik Noyce

This session brings to light issues that impede rehearsal productivity, including accepting/placing blame and reacting to mistakes. Participants discover key factors to creating a supportive environment for all involved.

Deconstructing Anxiety for the Performer

Presented by Megan Lanz

Ever wanted to sing a phrase, and found that the nerves in your body and mind got in the way of your musicality? Nerves or anxiety is a roadblock almost all performers encounter for various reasons, at one time or another. Participants explore and identify various sources of anxiety, providing insight into our selves and begin to form ideas for creating a more healthy relationship with performing. 

Developing Trust in the Studio 
Presented by Megan Lanz and Rik Noyce

Being mindful of our students and their place in the learning process is crucial when cultivating relationships based on trust and respect. To make our students comfortable with criticism and receptive to new concepts, pedagogues need to be aware of signals given by the students and themselves. How do we accept and give praise? Criticism? Through participant-driven teaching, each person develops an array of tools to become more mindful pedagogues and develop trust in the studio.

Life Coaching for the Performer

Presented by Rik Noyce

What exactly is a Life Coach and why should artists and performers have one? Ever wonder why so many successful athletes and business professionals have personal coaches? A coach helps you address specific personal projects, general day-to-day situations, successes, and relationships by focusing on what is happening right now in life. Coaches help you discover what your obstacles and challenges might be, and assist you in choosing an appropriate course of action to make your life what you want it to be. Now, imagine all of that directly focused on your flute playing ...

Meditation: Insight and Focus for Musicians

Presented by Megan Lanz

Meditation has been proven to be a useful tool for musicians who want to learn techniques to gain focus (ever lose track while counting measures of rest??), manage anxiety ("stage fright"), difficult feelings regarding competition, comparison, self-talk, and a multitude of other potential roadblocks. At its fundamental level, meditation helps us become more aware of reality, the present moment, and how we treat ourselves and others. In the 21st century, our brains are continuously stimulated and often overwhelmed. This sometimes leads to an information overload and the need to refocus and reset ourselves. Meditation is perfect for this, and this workshop gives participants an introductory experience to learning how to sit and settle.

Pedagogy (for Ourselves and Others)
Presented by Meg Griffith

Discover mental balance and new levels of support for yourself and others through awareness and appreciation of your reactions to your surroundings. Specific subjects for personal inquiry include:

  • Focus and Visualization
  • Eliminating Drama
  • Judgment and Doubt – Validation and Letting Go
  • Languaging – Creativity and Energy
  • Limiting Beliefs

Possibilities without Expectations

Presented by Meg Griffith

Step back, focus on the Now, and let go of the result. By reevaluating our definitions of talent and success, we can remove the word “should” from our vocabulary and enjoy all we have to offer through performance and pedagogy.