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Amanda Chavis, a creative and driven entrepreneurial flutist in Texas, has taken time to interview the Whole Musician team individually, and as a group (2017). She has started a resourceful and inspirational site called Classically Trained, where she explores what it takes to "make it" as a classically-trained musician in the modern world. Listen to all the Classically Trained episodes here, or click on a team member's name below to be taken to their specific episode (more podcast episodes will be posted later!).

  • Interview with Meg GriffithHow to Take Yoga Off the Mat and Into Your Practice Room
  • Interview with Megan LanzOn Becoming a Mindful Musician, and How it Changed Her Life
  • Interview with Christopher LeeOn Breathing, Acting, and Breaking with Tradition to Become Your Own Artist


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Blog Review by Dr. Tammy Evans Yonce (June 2014), Assistant Professor of Music at South Dakota State University. Dr. Yonce interviewed Megan Lanz after Whole Musician's first summer retreat, and they discussed what makes Whole Musician a unique pedagogical experience.