modern education for modern musicians

mind, movement, music

Through non-traditional approaches, Whole Musician (501c3) helps artists realize their full potential as performers.

We bring specialized certifications (life coaching, meditation, physical training, and yoga) to bear in relevant and sustainable workshop experiences.  

There really is another way!

Whole Musician, a federally recognized non-profit organization (501c3), has been recognized by the National Flute Association for being a creative and forward-thinking organization. The Whole Musician team educates all facets of modern musicians, helping participants realize their full musical potential. Our highly qualified and specialized team collaborates to offer unparalleled intensive masterclasses and workshops which address  addressing the musical, mental, and physical demands placed on the 21st century performer. We welcome performers on any instrument or vocal range, and of any experience level.

Our diverse team includes...

   - Certified Yoga Instructor

   - Certified Personal Trainer

   - Certified Empowerment Coach

   - Certified Meditation Instructor

The combination of our faculty's various skills is an integral part of the Whole Musician experience.

We believe, as the saying goes, that the sum of the whole truly is greater than its parts.

Welcome to the Whole Musician experience!

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Online Lessons

Whole Musician is thrilled to be generously sponsored by Trevor James Flutes. Please visit their site by clicking on their logo below to find out more about their wonderful flutes.

Did you know... the Whole Musician team offers one-on-one online lessons? These sessions are made available not only to our alumni, but to anyone wishing to connect with our team on special topics. Visit our Online Lessons section to find out more.

Whole Musician (501c3) exists through the kind generosity of our donors,

which includes scholarships, to assist students of every economic background wishing

to benefit from this unique curriculum.

Donations can be made online, using the PayPal (sent to [email protected]).

If you prefer to support us with a personal check, please send it, along with your contact information, to:

419 N. Windomere Avenue

Dallas, TX 75208

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